About Better World Flux

Better World Flux was created as an entry for the World Bank Apps for Development competition. The site aims to raise awareness for the UN Millennium Development Goals by letting users visualize and share stories that are hidden in the World Bank Open Data.

Better World Flux is a tool that could be used to:

The project was funded by Smartsalary, an Australian based company. Smartsalary supports many Australians in the Education and Health sectors through their salary packaging services.

How was the Flux generated?

In essence the Flux is a glorified histogram. It displays a snapshot of the world state for a given year; green being good and red being bad. Within each colour of the Flux are a number of countries and the width of the Flux corresponds to the total number of people living in those countries. The width of the Flux is calculated on a log scale so that variations are more visible. Countries were assigned a colour based on a composite score calculated as the geometric mean of the user-selected indicators for any given year. The composite score was calculated using indexes of the different indicators. Indexes were calculated from the raw data by assigning maximum and minimum values for each indicator, known as ‘goal posts’, and normalizing. Some values were truncated, and others were converted to a log scale so that there was an even spread of values. Some missing data was estimated using a linear regression. If you look closely at the background image you will see a visualization of the extent of the missing data; each rectangle is an indicator and the lighter shade represents missing values.

Glossary of indicators and sources of data


Handbook on Constructing Composite Indicators: Methodology and User Guide