Welcome to Better World Flux, a beautiful interactive visualization of information on what really matters in life. Indicators like happiness, life expectancy, and years of schooling are meaningfully displayed in a colourful flowing Flux. Better World Flux visually communicates the world state in terms of standards of living and quality of life for many countries and how this has changed, and mostly improved, over a period of up to 50 years. This site is a tool for building a consensus, telling a story and sharing it, all whilst raising awareness for the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Better World Flux was created as an entry for the World Bank Apps for Development competition launched by the World Bank Open Data initiative, and funded by the Australian based company Smartsalary.

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Smartsalary's involvement

Through its sponsoring of David Schönstein’s Better World Flux, Smartsalary is proud to have the opportunity to help raise awareness for the UN Millennium Development Goals. The simple thought of eradicating poverty and improving quality of life is powerful and something that we can all strive towards, no matter who or where we are. It is hoped that the Flux will stimulate deep reflection on the development data and encourage a dialogue.

This project is a tribute to our customers in the Education and Health sectors. Teachers, scientists, doctors, nurses and many others are actively tackling the UN Millennium Development Goals every day. They do this by educating our future leaders, researching cures for diseases and keeping our population healthy, and these are such invaluable and important roles in our community.

Better World Flux is a tool that all of our customers and the wider community can use, regardless of their sector, to understand and promote the UN Millennium Development Goals as well reflect on what really matters in life. By using the site and creating your own Flux you can see that Australia, for example, is amongst the world’s leaders when it comes to life expectancy (average of 81 years) and years of schooling (average of 12 years).

We hope that you take some time to discover Better World Flux. Enjoy it. And share it.

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